【FOR TRAVELLERS】About Yoga in Gosho, Imperial Palace

Take part in some outdoor Yoga, incluseive with a light snack and coffee.


1. Apr. 24th (sun) 09:00-11:00

2. May. 08th (sun) 09:00-11:00


by Demizu Stream  (entrance is near Karasuma and Shimotachiuri st.)



¥2,000 includes good coffe and a light snack from cafe Senka.

mat rental is ¥200 if you need.

[What to bring]

Yoga mat or big towel and water.

Layer up! It's chilly.

[Reserve at]

yurie0414⋆hotmail.com (change ⋆ to @)

Don't worry if you are a begginer. Feel free to join with your friends.

♪ Picnic after Yoga for those who want to join. ♪

Enjoy your coffe and snack and mingle with some new friends.

If you are in a hurry, doggy bags are available.